Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Go Lucky Neko

My Internet chum and all round good chap Delme, recently posted pictures of the first prototype for the Go Lucky Neko figure. Set to be a blind boxed mini figure series, these have been in the works for quite some time, so its great to see things finally coming to fruition.
The above prototype, and indeed the forthcoming Go Lucky Neko series, measures approx 3" inches and was sculpted by Dave Bondi. Chuffed that things are looking good for Go Lucky neko.
Do check out more of Delme's work, including his Toy customs and superb colourful character line work drawings with acrylic paint and Posca pens on his Flickr page here and his official website, however you may need to be patient with the official named site as its only changed once in the past 2-3 years, he's a busy chap is Mr Delme!!
Well done Mr D

King Cannibal / Zilla D+B mix

Cannibal Killer & Zilla : Life On The Beat mix
King Cannibal aka the new alias of Zilla recently dropped a nice mix to download for any Drum and Bass fans. Mixed partly in New Zealand and completed back in London in Ableton 5
  • Life On The Beat Tracklisting
  • Ed Rush & Optical - Torque
  • Ed Rush & Optical - Zardoz
  • Photek Ni Ten Ryu
  • Fierce & Nico - Crystal
  • Dom & Roland - Hydrolicks
  • Ed Rush - Skylab
  • Lemon D - 12:01
  • Boymerang - Mind Control
  • Photek - The Seven Samurai
  • Desired State - Mind Games
  • Source Direct - Two Masks
  • Dillinja - Deadly Deep Subs
  • Andy C & Shimon - Recharge
  • Roni Size - Brut Force
  • Skyscraper - Mach 2
  • J Majik - Your Sound Remix
  • Total Science - Ghostlife
  • Dj Die - Reincarnation
  • Remarc - RIP (Remarc Rmx)
  • Shy FX - Gangsta 2 (L Double Rmx)
  • Remarc - Drum N’ Bass Wise Remix
  • Dylan - Junglism VIP
  • Cutty Ranks - Limb By Limb Remix
  • Mask - Alright
  • DJ Gunshot - Wheel & Deal Remix
  • Mask - Square Off
  • Bizzy B - Creation
  • DJ Crysal - Warpdrive 04 Remix
  • Rufige Kru - Terminator (Danny C Remix)
  • Bizzy B - Bad Boy SoundShy FX - The Message
  • Hyperon Experience - Lords Of The Null Lines (Foul Play Remix)
  • Alex Reece - Pulp Fiction
  • Adam F - Metropolis
  • Ed Rush & Nico - Technology (Boymerang Remix)
  • Genoforce - The Germ
  • Nasty Habits - Shadow Boxing
  • Ed Rush & Optical - Funktion VIP
  • Usual Suspects - Killa Bees (Dillinja Remix)
  • Mr L - Piper 3 (The Clone)
  • Bad Company - The Nine
  • Photek - UFO
  • Codename John - The Warning
  • J Majik - Your Sound Remix
  • Soundmurderer - Toronto VIP
  • Q Project - Champion Sound
  • Ed Rush, Optical & Fierce - Alien Girl
  • Dillinja - Revelations
  • UFO - Terradome (2005 Blade Runner Remix)
  • Spirit - Siren (Hive Remix)
  • Adam F - Metropolis
  • Doc Scott - Here Comes The Drums (Breakage Remix)
  • Adam F - Brand New Funk
  • Genoforce - The Germ
  • Dom & Roland - Quadrant 6
  • Keaton & Hive - No Hope
  • Dj Krust - Warhead
  • Limewax - The Bomb
  • Hive - Bring It On
  • Dillinja - Light Years
  • Doc Scott - Unofficial Ghost
  • Souljah - Fade To Black
  • Dillinja - Silverblade
  • Asylum - Da Base 2 Dark
  • Goldie - Still Life (Photek Remix)
  • Photek - Rings Around Saturn
  • Goldie - Saint Angel
  • Codename John - Warned
  • Goldie - Angel (Teebee Remix)
  • Adam F - Metropolis (Doc Scott Remix)
  • Limewax - Everything
  • Bad Company - Planet Dust
  • Audio - Delusional
  • Dylan & Limewax - Cleansed By A Nightmare
  • Technical Itch - Raised By Evil
  • Shy Fx - Wolf (Dillinja Remix)
  • Technical Itch - Life Of Sin (Limewax Remix)
  • Limewax - MOTD
  • Current Value - Unpardenable Deeds
  • Ed Rush & Nico - Bludclot Artattack
  • Mason - Ruff Rugged & Raw (Technical Itch Remix)
  • King Cannibal - 2008

Cannibal Killer & Zilla : Life On The Beat mix

Do check out King Cannibal's Gods Of War Blog as they have some superb older mixes available to download including A friendly game of chess and One Foot In The Fire, One Fist In The Air mixes

Ae Radio

One for the calender, Autechre will present a live Internet radio show, streaming via their official web site next month on Feb 23rd. Should be well worth a listen.
Also the new Autechre ; Quaristice release, as mentioned on this very blog before, is now available as a download in MP3 and FLAC formats, but possibly more exciting is the limited x 1000 copies special edition 2CD set of Quaristice available as a pre order right now from those fine folk at Warp Records.
It features the 20 track Quaristice album, plus an extra CD containing 11 different versions of selected tracks. These tracks are all produced by Autechre and are exclusive to this edition of the album. The double CD set comes in a Designers Republic styled, photo-etched, 0.4mm steel slipcase with foil blocked inner gatefold wallet.
On a side note, whilst we are talking streaming music, New Found Frequency will soon be streaming the recent concert by UNKLE, live at the Prince Ballroom in Melbourne Australia

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Fluorescent Grey : Gaseous Opal Orbs


The kind folk at Record Label records sent us a copy of the forthcoming CD from Fluorescent Grey, the solo project of Californian Robbie Martin.
This release has a plethora of styles, however its feet are firmly set in the experimental darker side of electronic music with flourishes of Dub, Ambient, Traditional Instrumentation, Click glitch IDM and even some Celtic flute on the track Celtic K-Hole, which sounds like an updated remix of the superb 1989 Toss The Feathers track "Skidoo".
The opener to Gaseous Opal Orbs, a sprawling 11 minute track ; Chrono-Synclastic Infundibulum, starts with gentle clicks spread across twisted deep found sounds, before building into a sonic assault with some glitched up breaks that will excite any avid V Snares fan.
Originally slated to drop on Isolate Records, like his previous CD: Lying On The Floor Mingling With God In A Tijuana Hotel Room Next Door To A Veterinary Supply Store, this is now due for release on Record Label Records on February 29Th.
Audio samples / previews can be heard on the Record Label Records web site

Track listing :

1 Chrono-Synclastic Infundibulum
2 Ayhuascaro Empyreal
3 Teleological Attractor
4 Pallette Swap Dub
5 Physically Modelled Theme For Children
6 Molten Ghost
7 Celtic K-Hole
8 Fibrous Emerald Tendrils
9 Are you aware of the pink light emanating from your navel?
Fluorescent Grey - Gaseous Opal Orbs : Out 29Th Feb on Record Label records

Monday, January 21, 2008

Brodinski GTC podcast mix

Something brand spanking new courtesy of Get The Curse. A mix from Brodinski. The lads a Frenchman and the music is class!!
Tracklist for the mix
01. SEPH - Tar Ann Tular (Lee Curtiss Rmx) - Kalimari Musique
02. JAMIE JONES - Harajuku - Cocoon
03. GAISER - Mute - M_nus
04. NOVOX - Hidden Room - Safari Electronique
05. The FIX - Foggy - Yeah
06. OKA√ŹN - Skate Or D1e - Jetaime
07. NUDISCO - Ajowan - Yellow Tail
08. STEFAN GOLDMANN - The Bribe - Macro
09. DUSTY KID - Luna - Bpitch Control
10. JAMES MOWBRAY - The Day Hip Hop Died - Four:Twenty
11. REJEKTS - Es Kubells (Argy Rmx) - Rejekt Music
12. LIL’WOLF - Deliver Me (Magik Johnson Rmx) - Rebirth
13. DJ OJI & DJ BUZZARD - Afronauts (Dj Spen Afro Edit) - Code Red
14. DEEP’A & VEK - 404 (Chaim Rmx) - Coincidence
15. DEADSET - Tick Tock - Made To Play
16. WORTHY - Copious - Kalabatic
17. CLAUDE VONSTROKE - Who’s Afraid Of Detroit (Wally Lopez Factomania Rmx) - White
18. DADA LIFE - We meow, You Roar - Substance

Brodinski Get The Curse Promo Mix : Get on it

Friday, January 18, 2008

Justice xmas mix / Alexander Robotnik Mix

Couple of great mixes doing the rounds at the mo.

Alexander Robotnik December Mix. Dropping electro and some choice Italo disco

Robotnik December mix

Justice submitted this mix for their forthcoming Fabriclive CD but it was rejected
Justice : Rejected Fabric Mix

Aeiou Records

For fans of Lo-fi melodic electronics, gentle leftfield pop and general sunday afternoon sounds would do well to check the relatively new label Aeiou from Spain. Six releases in, each mini CDr is limited to just 50 copies and comes packaged in great homestyle artwork sleeves with a toy inside and all brightly coloured paper bits (thats the best way I can describe them)
Aeiou reminds us very much of the superb Slow Loris records, again a label that uses mini CDr for their output and puts a lot of thought, not only in the content musically, but also the artwork (past releases on Slow Loris have included an origami fox sleeve and the individually hand stitched wagtail sleeves for the Northstation album)

A great new label, do check them out

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Martin Ontiveros Ojo Rojo / Rock & Roll Fantasy

Test Shots from Martins Blog
Martin Ontiveros Ojo Rojo toy release.
Bigger and better then the mini releases at Comic Con '07 (above) a new Ojo has movable limbs and will not fit in your mouth. It's a Grass Hut exclusive, locals get 1st dibs on the opening night of the Rock & Roll Fantasy event (more details below on this) on Feb 1st in Portland US, but they will be available online the next day. The sculp was masterfully executed by Kyoka Ikeda of Gargamel.
Absolutely loving this figure, please can someone hook me up with one!!

Rock & Roll Fantasy : New Works By Martin OntiverosNew Paintings in the tone of Awesome! With this fresh paint Martin explores the strange and beautiful world of Rock & Roll, vivid colours and mythology. Alongside the works of Ontiveros there will be custom Ojo's and artwork from amongst others Gargamel, Bwana Spoons, Mark Nagata and Le Merde

A tiny interview with Martin:

grass hut- So you graduated from Cal Arts along with the inventor ofthe Power Puff Girls, do you see any common trends in line work and character design from the artists who go through that school?

Martin : There were two schools of animation at CalArts, Experimental andCharacter. I was in the former, which meant that we were allowed to doanything we wanted, traditional cell or 3D or whatever, at our own pace and with minimal structure. We were encouraged to explore our ownvisions and explore new ways of making animated films. Experimentalworked more from the angle of animation as short art films than assomething that would develop into a series on TV, not to say that alumni from there didn't wind up doing such things (for example,Stephen Hillenburg, who created Spongebob Squarepants, Henry Selick,director of Nightmare Before Christmas and others, Jorge Gutierrez,creator of El Tigre, and Brad Bird, who worked on the Simpsons and is the genius behind Pixar were all from my program). I never made a filmmyself though. Character Animation, which was the school that Craig McKracken graduated from, was way more structured in that it taughtstudents everything from the mechanics of constructing a film to the history of animation to character design itself, a true program withteachers straight out of the industry itself. Most of them were reallyyoung, right out of high school (versus the older crowd ofExperimental) and were actively following what was going on at the time in popular animation, all fans of the same stuff, and allimpressionable by what they dreamed of being a part of. When I startedCalArts, indie and alternative animation was just gaining popularity--Ren and Stimpy, Spike and Mike, Nickolodeon, and later on, Cartoon Network's original programming-- so suddenly there was more to offerthan just getting a job at Disney. More opportunity to be a maverick inline work and character design, and if not that, than at least more productions to get a job on. So, I guess the answer is yes... Jesus,could I have spent more time answering this?

GH : How is this new show at the Hut different from the solo you had at Giant Robot the other month?

M : The GR2 show wound up being a catharsis of all these emotions I hadbeen harboring for the year prior. The art was the natural outcome ofhaving gone through some heavy stuff and yet having worked and created through it regardless, resulting in some of my best work to date. Likedrinking a mix of all kinds of things that aren't necessarily good foryou and puking out rainbows in the end. Having said that, I think it exhausted me in a way too-- I'm still too burned out to load the newstuff with all the color that went into GR2. This new show is a switchto something simpler, lighter in mood, subject, and spectrum, and just plain fun. It's all about my deep love for Rock N' Roll and HeavyMetal, combined with mythology, and the cheesier the composition, thebetter. It's a new year, a lot of things have been resolved or are on another, more positive course. I'm in strange new territory and I wantto have fun. When this is all over, I'll get back to the big-colorthing.

GH : What's Ojo Rojo's story, what's he stand for?

M : Story...? I guess you could say he's a bit of an alter-ego. He smilesall the time. He has cooler hair than me. His fashion sense is somewhatglam, which is a look that I could never pull off. He's a character I can throw into any piece and he would brighten it up. I don't know ifit's the grin, the hair, or the boots, but he gets some good response.His name is kind of a fluke-- I tend not to title things until the last minute... I like to see what I come up with spur of the moment. In hiscase, I was titling everything in the show he premiered in after rocksong titles, and since he had red eyes, I used Ojo Rojo from a FuManchu song. I wish it could be more extravagant a story than that, but there you have it. Good song too.

GH : What's you connection with the Japanese kaiju (monster toy)company Gargamel? How is Gargamel different from other kaiju-makers?

M : I met and became aware of Gargamel through Bwana Spoons. We shared a room with them at Comic-Con 2006. They knew very little english, weknew very little japanese, and we had a blast regardless. I'm not thebiggest expert on vinyl out there, I don't collect much since I don't have the money, plus I'm really selective about what I get, and won'tbuy something just because it's the hot thing out there-- so my opinionis sort of limited about the vinyl world. It's really up to the tastes of the makers and collectors as to what's cool. That said, I love Gargamel best personally because they are in league with my taste in kaiju--they hail back to the aesthetic glory of Bullmark and Marusan,the older days of vinyl. I don't really see anyone else out there doing it that way (except Super 7 and Max Toy), and that's why I'm into Gargamel. That we are pals with a strong mutual admiration for each other's work is just the icing on the cake. Those guys are fun!

GH : What is going to make 2008 two thousand great?

M : Grass Hut, duh! And going to Japan for the first time, that will definitely help.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Banksy on Ebay

Genuine Banksy Wall (yes wall) available for sale on Ebay. Current price £207,299.00 and rising.
Fancy your chances : Banksy Ebay Wall

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Stussy x Futura : Spring / Summer 08

Stussy have announced their Spring / Summer 08 collection designed by Futura.
Should be dropping soon at Stussy shops and retailers around the world

Saturday, January 5, 2008

New Mixes : Kissy Sell Out / Herve & Sinden

A couple of nice mixes to download and drop onto your Ipods :
Kissy Sell Out : Live on Triple J radio Australia - Here
Herve & Sinden : Essential mix 05/01/08 - Here

Friday, January 4, 2008

Unkle goodies

If you happen to have a spare £75 then Unkle have just put up for sale an limited edition Tour poster. A reworking of the War Stories artwork, specially commissioned by 3D of Massive Attack, by Ben Drury. The artwork is hand screened in black on silver card stock. Only 100 copies made
Available now at the Unkle store. They also have various badges and sticker sets, prices vary

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Found : Fab Five Freddy, Futura 2000 and Jean-Michel Basquiat

How great is this story :

... graffiti wall with drawings by original graffiti subway artists Fab Five Freddy, Futura 2000 and some traces by Jean-Michel Basquiat Tuesday, Nov. 27, 2007, in New York. The large mural, created by some of graffiti's earliest pioneers, was discovered recently in a 10-story limestone building just as developers were converting it into luxury condominiums.A large mural that was created by some of graffiti's earliest pioneers was discovered recently in a 10-story limestone building just as developers were converting it into luxury condominiums.

The full story and more images can be found @

Gargamel New Year

The postman kicked off my new year with an amazing surprise this morning. She knocked and handed me a clear cylinder which took me by surprise.
Sent direct from Gargamel Japan with a postcard insert signed with a Happy New Year greeting was this mysterious Gargamel monk? mouse. In dark turquoise soft vinyl with what appears light silver spray.
Hands down our fave New Years surprise ever!!
We have no info on this at all, whether it will later appear as a production figure remains to be seen. Thank you so much Gargamel!!