Saturday, December 29, 2007

Thom Yorke Gets The Remix Treatment

Radiohead's Thom Yorke has had a few of the tracks from his debut solo CD : Eraser, remixed and reworked. These first officially popped up for download on the XL website and later on the UK online record shop Boomkat just before Christmas. All the mixes will in early 2008 be available on various formats. Some choice names were drafted in to rework the tracks.

01 Harrowdown Hill (The Bug remix)
02 The Clock (Surgeon remix)
03 Cymbal Rush (The Field Late Night Essen Und Trinken remix)

01 Atoms for Peace (Four Tet remix)
02 Black Swan (Cristian Vogel Spare Parts remix)
03 Black Swan (Vogel Bonus Beat Eraser remix)

01 And It Rained All Night (Burial remix)
02 Skip Divided (Modeselektor remix)
03 Analyse (Various remix)

End Of Year Round Up

We asked a few designers / artists etc what were their highlights musically and toy wise in 2007, also what they were looking forward to in 2008

Rob Triclops
Album of the year : WOW, tuff as . . . either Burial - Untrue or MIA - Kala

Track of the year : either Commix - Be True or Burial - Archangel (Boy 8-Bit remix)
Toy of the year : ummmm Jasper Stank !
Most anticipated Toy release 08 : it's gotta be the Ashley Wood's Bertie 'Bot

Luc Triclops
Album of the Year : The Fratellis - Costello Music

Track of the year : Rufus Wainwright - Going to a town
Toy of the year : Eboy Peecols
Most anticipated toy of '08 : Bertie the robot, Ashley Wood and BigShotToyWorks

ToysRevil : Andy
Album of the year : Linkin Park - Minutes To Midnight

Track of the year : What I've Done (Linkin Park - i really didnt get much albums this year! LOL)
Toy of the year : Sucklord 600
Most anticipated Toy release 08 : Transformers Animated toy-series

Andrew Bell
Album of the year : UNKLE - War Stories

Track of the year : Saul Williams & Trent Reznor - Sunday Bloody Sunday cover.
Toy of the year : Angels and Gringos Sancho (Marigold edition)
Most anticipated Toy release 08 : The Giver by Andrew Bell J

Album of the year : Aesop Rock - None Shall Pass

Track of the year : Peter Bjorn and John - Young Folks
Toy of the year : DOLBEE: Compact Character*Designed by MAD and manufactured by SOLID
Most anticipated Toy release 08 : MAD*L's.... Phase:3 and the 10" DIY's. ?Spring can't come any quicker!

Album of the year : The Crystal Pharaoh - Blaxploration

Track of the year : Vectar - Can I Rap?
Toy of the year : Sucklord 600
Most anticipated Toy release 08 : Sucklord 738

Tim Tsui
Album of the year
: Graduation --- Kanye West

Track of the year : Stronger --- Kanye West
Toy of the year : --- Da Minci
Most anticipated Toy release 08 : my upcoming creation.

Le Merde
Album of the year : Animal Collective - Strawberry Jam

Track of the year : Animal Collective - Safer (from the Peacebone single)
Toy of the year : Gargamel - Zagoran SDCC 2007 Clear w/ Guts
Most anticipated Toy release 08 : Gargamel - Martin Ontiveros's Ojo Rojo Mini (not the pocket sized one released at SDCC 2007 but the new bigger one)

Album of the year : Kanye West - Graduation
Track of the year : Kanye West - stronger
Toy of the year : Jled ringo Most anticipated
Toy release 08 : my spikis dunny

Album of the year : Akiakane - Kasumisou

Track of the year : Stiff Little Fingers -Barbed Wire Love
Toy of the year : 20" to-fu / pete fowler's van orlax
Most anticipated Toy release 08 : dunno - we like surprises!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Autechre : Quaristice

On 3 March 2008 Autechre are to release a new album. Called Quaristice, the record is Rob Brown and Sean Booth's 9th album, and follows 2005's Untilted.
1. Altibzz
2. The Plc
3. IO
4. Plyphon
5. Perlence
6. SonDEremawe
7. Simmm
8. Paralel Suns
9. Steels
10. Tankakern
11. Rale
12. Fol3
13. fwzE
14. 90101-51-1
15. bnc Castl
16. Theswere
17. WNSN
18. chenc9
19. Notwo
20. Outh9X

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Coming Jan/Feb 08 : Mini Figure Madness

Mini figure madness is how Future Plastik will start 2008.
We will be having a nice few lines of mini figures in stock. Burgermenos (which hopefully will be here before new year), Strange Co Vivisect playset, Dalek Space monkey Qees, French Kiss Mini Rolito's and hopefully the new Buffmonster phase 2 mini from MINDstyle...Stay tuned!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Secret Base

SB x Grapple??
This image cropped up on the Secret Base blog this week, looks to be an interesting new head sculpt with crab like hands. Info on this is sketchy (as is my Japanese), so we are not sure if this will be a one off head sculpt like the ram / goat style figures used on the Balzac x Secret Base Tour release earlier this year or something else.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Virtual Xmas Cards

Its that time of year when in between the emails for MEDS, Viagra and winning a zillion £'s in mysterious lotteries, we get virtual Christmas cards that appear in our email inbox, I love these and if I had any skills with computer arts I would be knocking them out left, right and centre.
Virtual cards are good fun and are often left behind in the detritus of mails that come in around Xmas, so we wanted to share them with you and in some way keep a record of the thought and art that goes into them!

Virtual e-cards are not just for Christmas...

Click the cards for larger image views

From Dennis @ Bytedust

From Luc & Rob @ Triclops

From Big Shot Toys

...More later....

Sunday, December 16, 2007

May 22 : Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull

May 22nd cant come quick enough!!
The poster for the new Indiana Jones movie Kingdom of the crystal skull has been posted on the Lucas Film Indiana Jones web site. Now all we need is the trailer!!

Dave Gahan info

Depeche Mode's front man Dave Gahan drops the second single from his solo LP Hourglass on 14th January 08. A double A side featuring Saw Something, backed with Deeper & Deeper.

The tracklisting for all formats has been released (formats include LTD CD, CD, 7" and 12") however probably most exciting is the promo mixes that have been confirmed.
The promo CD from Mute records Europe features mixes from Skream, Sebastian Leger and T. Raumschmiere, all of which currently have no commercially set release date. We are crossing our fingers that these come out somehow, be it bootlegged on vinyl or at a latter date.

PCD MUTE 398 tracklist -
Deeper And Deeper (SHRUBBN!! Single Version)
Deeper And Deeper (SHRUBBN!! Dub)
Deeper And Deeper (Juan Maclean Club Mix)
Deeper And Deeper (Juan Maclean Dub)
Deeper And Deeper (Sebastian Leger Remix)
Deeper And Deeper (Sebastian Leger Dub)
Deeper And Deeper (T. Raumschmiere Remix Dub)
Saw Something (Single Version)
Saw Something (Skreamix)
Saw Something (Skream Dub)

There's also a MAPS remix of the track Use You doing the rounds at the moment.

Dave Gahan - Use You - MAPS remix

You can also hear the Sebastian Leger mix of Deeper and Deeper on Sebastian's Myspace page.

Dave Gahan - Deeper & Deeper - Sebastian Leger Mix

Finally the video for Saw something has hit Youtube

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Infamous Upstarts : Radiohead remixes

Now although unofficial remixes of Radiohead tracks are nothing new, this 12" from the mysterious Infamous Upstarts, which was released on Monday, is another fine example of just how it should be done. Whilst taking possibly two of the most remixed Radiohead tracks : Everything is in right place and Idioteque, these new edits add some dark minimal touches, especially on the Idioteque remix.
Purchase your copy or hear audio samples over at Juno

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Simian Mobile Disco : 2007 End Of Year Rave Up

January's edition of Mixmag has a rather splendid free cover mounted CD, mixed by the duo that are Simian Mobile Disco. Entitled 2007 end of year rave up, the mix see's Simian Mobile Disco dropping some of their fave Nu-rave / Electro tracks from 2007. 14 tracks including Audion, LCD Soundsystem, Justice and Hot Chip amongst others. Well worth the £3.95 asking price so drop down to your local WH Smiths in a week or so!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Top 10 tunes of the year

Its that time of year when you see DJ's charts of the year, so we thought we would drop down some of the musical highlights for us of 2007.
And so without further ado, in no particular order Future Plastik's top ten tunes of the year 2007

1. Lovely john in session - Bastard I kill you for $10,000 - Jigoku mix CD.
Dub meets Spaghetti western samples on this 60 minute mix

2. Justice - The phantom II - Soulwax mix.
Originally available on a LTD single sided 12", this has just had a release and its still sounds so damn good.

3. Stuntrock - Regret instruction manual issue 3 - 10" + CD + book set.
The elusive Stuntrock continues his crusade with obscure samples and drumbeats. Package comes complete with CD copy of the EP, a 10" vinyl record, stickers, booklet and limited edition print, all making this a rather special release.

4. Beyond the wizards sleeve - West MLP.
Latecomer for record of the year, this was the fourth and in our opinion best release from Beyond the wizards sleeve.

5. LCD soundsystem - Someone great.
Double pack of remixes from Carl Craig and Soulwax etc, however the highlight for us is Someone great, a beautiful track deemed to precious to remix

6. Unkle - War stories.
In some circles this received mixed emotions, but we love this return to form for James Lavelle and Richard File

7. Dan Le sac vs Scroobius pip - Thou shalt always kill - Lex 7"
Only available on a LTD x 500 7" single (until the LP drops in 2008), this could possibly be the track of the year for us. Flipped on the B-side with a great Knifehandchop rework

8. The Horrors - Strange house CD.
We have to admit that this band had passed us by, that was until we heard a track on the Limehouse Cutthroat : Naked under leather mix CD and straight away brought the CD.

9. Hollertronix #6.
For us the cream of the crop of the Hollertronix releases from 2007. Diplo once again dropping mad beats and mashing up Yazoo ; Don't go and strange as it sounds Paul Simon's ; You can call me AL

10. Crystal Castles - Alice practice.
I am a big fan of mad 8-bit commodore 64 style jams, so upon hearing this much hyped band : Crystal castles, using 8-bit bleeps with screaming vocals over the top was more than enough for us.

Honourable mentions for 2007 should also go to :

Dave Gahan - Kingdom.

Teenage bad girl - Cocette.

Gangpol und mit - The Hopelessly Sad Story Of The Hideous End Of The World.

LCD soundsystem - All my friends - John Cale mix.

We are very interested to hear what your top tunes of the year were, so please if you have a few minutes free it would be great if you could drop your fave top 10 tunes of year in the comments box

Saturday, December 8, 2007

123 Klan x Milk Crate

Something brand new and the latest collab from Milkcrate, this time with 123 Klan aka Scien & Klor. Should turn up on the Milkcrate site for sale soon

Friday, December 7, 2007

Ernie K Doe : Here Comes The Girls

OK so if you are an advert dodger this piece of music may of passed you by, however chances are it hasn't and you have been unintentionally whistling this ditty on the way to work or at the bus stop.
Ernie K Doe Here Comes The Girls is the tune featured in the current Boots advert and its now had a VERY limited single sided 12" press courtesy of Soul Jazz records.
There's no doubting its a very catchy bugger and if this had had the backing from a major label could well of been top of the pops this Xmas! (maybe, possibly, i dunno)

Clark : New EP on Warp Records

Straight out of nowhere we are hit with a new EP from Clark (Chris Clark) on Warp Records.
Throttle Promotor EP is out next week, with downloads available right now on The track is taken from Clark's new LP Turning Dragon due next year on the 28th January. Check the sleeve image above, Warp have returned to the iconic purple custom sleeves for this release
Harder edged analogue techno meets IDM, top quality it is.

GID Zagoran from Gargamel

Blatant plug time, we have just taken stock of the new 9 inch Gargamel Zagoran's from Gargamel Japan over on the online shop. Very nice it is too, produced in soft glow in the dark vinyl with yellow and green oversprays. Fierce but friendly, give a Zag a home this xmas!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

12 Days Of Xmas

12 Days of Xmas : Organised by STEAL FROM WORK, ART-EL, BEFORE CHROME
A group show featuring more than 40 of the world’s most loved & loathed contemporary urban artists. Featuring a real mix of styles - stencils, fine art, sculpture, canvas, prints, video & graffiti.
And all this in possibly the most interesting venue to come up in years - The Old Bridewell Police Station in Bristol! The big wooden entrance doors, the interview rooms, the charge desk and even all the old cells! The very place many of the artists spent most of their formative careers avoiding!
All the work on show will be for sale with a mixture of originals and deliberately affordable print editions - A great way to fill those Christmas stockings!

The show runs from this Friday 7th December until the 22nd December.
An impressive line up includes work from (deep breath) :

Adam 'adz' Koukoudakis
Andy Council
Brian Jones
Cameron Robertson
Celia Anne Garcia
Chris Instinct
Dr. D
Filip Filkovic - KTO
Filthy Luker
Guy Denning
Harry Simmonds
James Cauty
Jason Atomic
Kuildoosh/Wet Shame
Lady Lucy
Let Them Hang
Lucie Akerman
Mark Hughes
Mau Mau
Maurice Doherty
Mr Jago
Nick Walker
Ozzy Mandust
Pam Glew
Robert Manners
Sarah Connolly
Sweet Toof
Tinker Has A Posse
We Dream Of Meat

If you are in or around Bristol you need to check this

DFA : Free Hercules and Love Affair MP3

Hercules And Love Affair released their debut 12" on DFA in the summer. 2008 will bring their self titled debut album, plus a new single, "Blind".
In the meantime, click the banner below to receive a free MP3 of "Hercules' Theme"

Free Hercules And Love Affair MP3

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

One Up Touma Skuttle set

One-up in Japan are set to release three new Touma designed Skuttles during December.
Currently available to pre order as a triple pack but possible released as separates at a later date as the edition numbers of each Skuttle do not match up.
The set comprises of a milky white flocked Skuttle (limited x 94 pieces), a Pink baby Skuttle (limited x 86 pieces) and for us the best of the bunch a green flocked Skuttle X (limited x 96 pieces)

Diplo : I Like Turtles

This ones been about a while but only for download, however now you get your hands on a printed CDR with artwork cover. We are big fans of Diplo, who else apart from Freddy Fresh can drop so many tunes into one Radio One essential mix.
The Diplo : I Like Turtles Mix is available from numerous speciality music stores, we cant give a short review as our copy is still on its way to us but just check out the tracklist for an idea of whats instore

01. I Like Turtles
02. Mr. Vegas: “Lean Wit It”
03. M.I.A. [ft. Bun B and Rich Boy]: “Paper Planes”
04. Schooly D: “Gucci Time”
05. Yeah Yeah Yeahs: “Rockers to Swallow”
06. Jellybean: “Sidewalk Talk”
07. Belle Stars: “Iko Iko”
08. Scala & Kolacny Brothers: “Heartbeats”
09. Diplo & Switch [ft. Elephant Man]: “East, West (Remix)”
10. Nirvana: Drain You / Huey: “Pop, Lock & Drop It”
11. Marc Houle: “Bay of Figs (Ward 21 Mix)”
12. DJ Tamiel: “Bump Like This”
13. Queen [ft. David Bowie]: “Under Pressure”
14. Eddie Money: “Take Me Home Tonight”
15. Soulja Boy: “Crank Dat Superman”
16. Bat for Lashes: “What’s a Girl to Do (Break)”
17. DJ Shadow: “Organ Donor (Sandrinho Remix)”
18. Diplo & Switch [ft. Beenie Man]: “Solta Frango”
19. Mr. Vegas: “Hot Fuk (Diplo Mix)”
20. Enur [ft. Natasja]: “Calabria (2007 mix)”
21. Spoon: “Paper Tiger”
22. Circle Children: “Zulu”
23. M.I.A. [ft Akon]: “Boyz Remix (Hi Powered Boyz Get Down)”
24. Boy 8 Bit: “Suspense Is Killing Me”
25. KW Griff: “Tony’s Back”
26. Diplo: “Work Is Never Over”
27. M.I.A: “Bamboo Banger”
28. Sizzla: “Bamboo Banger (Dubplate)”
29. Blaqstarr: “Supastarr”
30. Shai: “If I Ever Fall in Love Again (Dub)”
31. Orbital: “Halcyon”
32. LA Priest: “Engine (Erol Alkan Remix)”
33. Petter: “Some Polyphony”
34. Rihanna: “Umbrella (Vandalism Mix)”
35. Justice: “Phantom Pt. II (Soulwax Mix)”
36. The White Stripes: “Little Cream Soda”
37. ZZT: “Lower State of Consciousness”
38. Kia Shine: “Crispy”
39. Bart Simpson: “Bartman (So Kripsy Mix)”

Monday, December 3, 2007

Radiohead : Jigsaw Falling Into Place

A video for Radiohead : Jigsaw Falling Into Place from the new LP In Rainbows has just been added to Youtube. Nice! Thom Yorke's facial expression in the last few seconds of the track is priceless!

Radiohead - Jigsaw Falling Into Place (Thumbs Down version)

Santa's Ghetto Latest News

At last the location for this years Santa's Ghetto has been confirmed and quite a surprise it was. This year its being hosted in a former chicken shop on Manger Square in Bethlehem opposite the Church of the Nativity.
Artists displaying works at this years santa's ghetto are as follows :

Abdul Rohman Elmzyen
Adam Koukoudakis
Ayed Arafah
Ben turnball
Conor Harrington
Erica il Cane
Gee Vaucher
James Cauty
Jonathan Yeo
Karim Dabbah
Kelsey Brookes
Lucy McLauchlan
Mark Jenkins
Antony Micallef
Paul Insect
Sir Peter Blake
Peter Kennard
Kat Picton-Phillips
Ron English
Sam 3
Souleiman Mansour
Yousef Katalo

The good news is every penny made in the store will be used on local projects for children and young people.
All the info on the location (if you fancy popping over), shop (pieces will be available online), artists plus numerous images can be found at the Santas Ghetto site

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Dan Le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip - Letter from God To Man

Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip's new track : Letter from God to Man, has been set for release on Christmas eve on Lex records? For us not as infectious on the first couple of listens as previous tracks like The beat that my heart skipped and our fave Thou shalt always kill but good all the same.

Video : Dan Le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip - Letter from God

If you have not yet heard Le Sac and Scrootius Pip then shame on you, but all will be forgiven if you check the Thou shalt always kill video below, also worth a mention is their recent Rob Da Bank and friends show for Radio one

Video : Dan Le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip - Thou Shall Always Kill

One Track

This weeks one track : Willesden Dodgers : Gunsmoke Breakout
A true classic 80's electro tune. This came out on the US label Jive electro back in 1984. I remember hearing this back then and instantly needed to know more. Although not the hardest track to find, I didnt get round to finding a copy until around 10 years ago and to this day it still gets dropped onto the turntable here frequently.

ONE TRACK : Willesden Dodgers - Gunsmoke Breakout : Jive electro 1984