Sunday, September 21, 2008

YouTube Electro

For no other reason than I was looking for some LA Dream Team records to buy which in turn lead onto other things and I stumbled across some classic tunes on youtube

LA Dream Team - Rockberry Jam

DJ Unknown and Three D - Beatronic

DXJ & The Bassonlians - Bass It Up

Quadrant six - Body Mechanic

Maggotron - Maggotron's In Your Closet

Key-Matic - Breakin In Space

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Erstlaub - I Am The Line Drawn In The Sand Between The Living And The Dead

The Highpoint Lowlife Label continues to push the boundaries of electronic music with their new release by Erstlaub with I Am The Line Drawn In The Sand Between The Living And The Dead. Isolationism / ambient / sweeping atmospheric drones are the order of the day on this release, but if any of that sends you scurrying for your latest Diplo mix CD then fear not, as whilst this release does require a delicate ear, its by no means harsh or sonically aggressive.
I am the line
gradually builds and takes the listener on a dark electronic trip across its 46 minute duration. The piece was recording in one take using a Nord G2 engine and a couple of delay units with no overdubs or edits.
Many lovers of experimental music have probably at one time or another sat through a lengthy piece of minimal experimental music, only to have it pass them by and then the CD is promptly ejected and left forgotten in the rack, this on the other hand, I feel, many will come back to again and again.

Erstlaub - I Am The Line Drawn In The Sand Between The Living And The Dead is part of Highpoint Lowlife's limited edition runs with just 100 copies pressed and is available to purchase now on CD (at just £5 which is a bargain) and 320kbps MP3 download via the Highpoint Lowlife website.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Peter Green - The Darkness

Just got our order in for the new Peter Green release The Darkness on Catalyst records. Absolutely stunning music.

From the label : For its second release Cataclyst is extremely proud to present 'The Darkness'. An epic, dark modern classical masterpiece from Rephlex/ Machine Codes recording artist and composer Peter Green.

Only 50 copies of this were produced, pressed on a black CDr hand numbered limited edition in black clamshell case with wraparound 200gsm card sleeve housed in heavy duty PVC wallet.

Sound samples are available on Catalyst site here
Buy your copy from the fine folk at Norman records

Lovely Jon - Mean Dog Blues

Lovely Jon is back with a new mix CD entitled Mean Dog Blues, available exclusively at Sounds Of The Universe. The disc is a promo for the garage/punk/noise/scuzz/trash/biker rock/glam/rockabilly night Jon does in Manchester with B Music's Sean Vinylment.
Extremely limited edition, seriously! Get on over to SOTU and grab a copy sharpish!!