Thursday, June 30, 2011

Highpoint Lowlife : Final Fareware

The excellent Highpoint Lowlife Label waves goodbye with a rather special compilation featuring almost everyone they have worked with over the past ten years, including unearthed and never-released tracks from Twerk, The Marcia Blaine School For Girls, randomNumber and Fisk Industries

Tracklisting :

Friends Of the Jitney - Good Mourning (Leafcutter John remix)
Dalglish - Mordsun
Sideb0ard - Grind
N.Ln - Blackhole
Roof Light - The Heron's Ballad
Depakote - Casnoc is Dead
Fisk Industries - Death is the Final Step
Randomnumber - K Revisited
Marshall Watson - Liquid Solid
Gravious - Ghostly Steps
Brassica - Sautomated
Ali Renault - Dead Cat Bounce
Erik XVI - When Particles Collide
Tigrics - Berez
Twerk - Have 10, Need 20
10-20 - Bloomback
Production Unit - Lord Save Usss
TVO - I'm Everything That Never Happened to You
The Marcia Blaine School For Girls - Loopy Dobber (2001)
Spatial - Checks Out
Hot City - No Matter What I Do
B0ardside and Damaru - Practical Jenny
Kenny Crunk - Baxter Bad Yin
Erstlaub- Team Handed We Go, Into The Night
Mandelbrot - Violet Light
Calika - Diagonal B
Bovaflux - Temazepam
Pausal - Afar

Right now you can listen / download a special mixtape version of the compilation over at soundcloud here