Saturday, August 16, 2008

Gulp Communications

Support the independents!! East London based label Gulp Communications sent me a couple of MP3's from Andrew Friendly and The Rivers

Download : Andrew Friendly : Bump & Grind 08 Remix
The track that launched the Friendly career to the next level in the UK is back, with a fresh new mix for 2008. The original was caned by everyone from the Plump DJs, Stanton Warriors, Fatboy Slim (who put it on one of his comps), every self-respecting breaks DJ, through to house and electro DJs, and is considered one of the biggest classics in breaks. It was remixed by Krafty Kuts and Santos. It was always sitting at the housier end of breaks, and it’s now been given a relick to bring it firmly into 2008, and a whole new life. And it’s right on target to become a classic all over again, this time to a whole new audience.

Download : The Rivers : Got Something On me - Andrew Friendly Mix

Andrew Friendly -Bump & Grind 08 vinyl out mid-August, Full release 15th of September

Kingbastard - Bastardize

Kingbastard : Bastardize : Herb Recordings
Ooo now this is good, something brand new from Herb Recordings by Kingbastard.
Bastardize offers up 12 tracks, firmly rooted in IDM / Electronica but it ranges right across the board. You have 8-bit electronics on the tracks Mind That Child, Tripod and Gotmilk Duckstomping, dark and rugged ambience on Goodbye Mr Bendigo, Lo-Fi (with distorted vocals) on Bipolar and some more upbeat IDM on Box Clever and There's a Little Machine In Everyone.
Well worth checking out. Bastardize is out on 22nd September via Digital Download and CD

Track listing
1. Tripod
2. Box Clever
3. Setoperator
4. Parenthesis
5. Mind That Child
6. Data-Rape Function Creep
7. Bipolar
8. Goodbye Mr Bendigo
9. There's A Little Machine In Everyone
10. Follow The Dot
11. Gotmilk Duckstomping
12. EG2 IM

Download MP3 : There's A Little Machine In Everyone

Friday, August 15, 2008

Men and Woman : South America EP

Nice new remix from Cousin Cole on a new EP from Men and Women

Download : Men and Women : South America - Original Version
Download : Men and Woman : South America - Cousin Cole Remix

Men and Women Release South America Digital EP and 12" Vinyl on War and Moon Records

We are proud to announce the release of the South America EP by NYC-based MEN AND WOMEN on War and Moon records on July 22nd on Limited Edition 12" vinyl.

Formed in the late summer of 2006, Men and Women's Jamie Granato and Brad Frost hail from opposite ends of the United States, and met in New York while working in a record store. Both share a passion for music and film and incorporate the two into their live performance, creating a multimedia atmosphere that envelops the audience. They have been playing together regularly and performed a handful of shows ahead of this release, with many more planned in support.

The music on South America is ambient, drone and has a kraut-influenced disco sound, with incredible slow-building ethereal arrangements. On the B-Side, Men and Women invited friends ELIOT LIPP (Mush, Eastern Developments) and COUSIN COLE (Flagrant Fowl) to remix and reinterpret the title track of the EP, to fabulous results.

The South America EP is the first in an ongoing series of Men and Women EPs, available digitally and in limited edition 12" vinyl, on War and Moon. The spirit of future releases will be similar to the South America EP, inviting friends to collaborate and remix