Sunday, December 9, 2007

Top 10 tunes of the year

Its that time of year when you see DJ's charts of the year, so we thought we would drop down some of the musical highlights for us of 2007.
And so without further ado, in no particular order Future Plastik's top ten tunes of the year 2007

1. Lovely john in session - Bastard I kill you for $10,000 - Jigoku mix CD.
Dub meets Spaghetti western samples on this 60 minute mix

2. Justice - The phantom II - Soulwax mix.
Originally available on a LTD single sided 12", this has just had a release and its still sounds so damn good.

3. Stuntrock - Regret instruction manual issue 3 - 10" + CD + book set.
The elusive Stuntrock continues his crusade with obscure samples and drumbeats. Package comes complete with CD copy of the EP, a 10" vinyl record, stickers, booklet and limited edition print, all making this a rather special release.

4. Beyond the wizards sleeve - West MLP.
Latecomer for record of the year, this was the fourth and in our opinion best release from Beyond the wizards sleeve.

5. LCD soundsystem - Someone great.
Double pack of remixes from Carl Craig and Soulwax etc, however the highlight for us is Someone great, a beautiful track deemed to precious to remix

6. Unkle - War stories.
In some circles this received mixed emotions, but we love this return to form for James Lavelle and Richard File

7. Dan Le sac vs Scroobius pip - Thou shalt always kill - Lex 7"
Only available on a LTD x 500 7" single (until the LP drops in 2008), this could possibly be the track of the year for us. Flipped on the B-side with a great Knifehandchop rework

8. The Horrors - Strange house CD.
We have to admit that this band had passed us by, that was until we heard a track on the Limehouse Cutthroat : Naked under leather mix CD and straight away brought the CD.

9. Hollertronix #6.
For us the cream of the crop of the Hollertronix releases from 2007. Diplo once again dropping mad beats and mashing up Yazoo ; Don't go and strange as it sounds Paul Simon's ; You can call me AL

10. Crystal Castles - Alice practice.
I am a big fan of mad 8-bit commodore 64 style jams, so upon hearing this much hyped band : Crystal castles, using 8-bit bleeps with screaming vocals over the top was more than enough for us.

Honourable mentions for 2007 should also go to :

Dave Gahan - Kingdom.

Teenage bad girl - Cocette.

Gangpol und mit - The Hopelessly Sad Story Of The Hideous End Of The World.

LCD soundsystem - All my friends - John Cale mix.

We are very interested to hear what your top tunes of the year were, so please if you have a few minutes free it would be great if you could drop your fave top 10 tunes of year in the comments box


Anonymous said...

Hi, I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU for putting my mix in your top ten tunes of the year.

Much respect,

Lovely Jon

(looks like I'll have to do a part 2 now, eh?)

FP said...

Jon its our pleasure. Keep us updated on any new stuff you drop!!