Monday, February 11, 2008

Label Check : Dissident

London based record label Dissident output started appearing in specialist record shops, at the tail end of last year, first as limited edition presses of 100 copies and later at (still very limited) 200 copies apiece. Run by Andy Blake, who also records on the label under the aliases : Invincible Scum, SCS and Control Voltage. Dissident is defininetly one to check, the output so far has been, well to say the least, eclectic but most importantly setting a very high standard and quality.
From the minimal techno of Caja De Ritmos and Columbia #1 (with its nifty Star Trek sample), deep electro from Gweilo and Italo cosmic disco sounds from Binary Chaffinch and Ali Renault (one half of Heartbreak)
Well worth a punt, the releases are not cheap but worth every penny!!

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