Thursday, February 28, 2008

Mary Ann Hobbs Radio One : Autechre Mix

Drop on over to the Radio One website and check the Mary Ann Hobbs section of the site to listen to the stream of weeks Wednesday morning show (2.00 am) which whilst including the usual grime and dubstep etc, also features a rather nifty remix from Autechre who it appears have delved into the archives for some choice classics (including some of our personal fave ever tunes)

Track listing
  • Eon Fear the mind killer [altered mix]
  • Keith Leblanc Here's looking at yo
  • Eric B & Rakim Chinese arithmetic
  • The Hypnotist Pioneers of the warped groove
  • The Party Boy aka Bam Bam The twilight zone
  • The Formula Exploded [original mix]
  • Davy DMX One for the treble
  • Autechre Drane
  • The B-Boys 2 3 break
  • The B-Boys Girls [instrumental]
  • 2 Live Crew Throw the d [Original 12" Dub Instrumental]
  • Break The Limits E-yeah
  • Eric B & Rakim Lyrics of fury
  • Autechre Piezo
  • Defcon 1 Altitude [remix]
  • Eric B & Rakim Extended beat
  • Adamski Tekno krisna
  • Robert Hood Internal empire
  • Deasy Bombay system
  • Rhythm Device Acid rock
  • Tangerine Dream Supernatural accomplice ["The Keep" Motion Picture Soundtrack]
  • Broken Glass Style of the street
  • Xon Dissonance
  • Bernard Herrmann Main Theme ["Taxi Driver" Motion Picture Soundtrack]
  • Hi-tek & Talib Kweli Love Speakeasy
  • Minimal Man Outside the window [Ian's remix]
  • 3D Giddy up
  • Mantronix Listen to the bass of get stupid fresh part II
  • Busta Rhymes Put your hands where my eyes can see
  • Earth People Dance [club mix]
  • Phuture Pfantasy Club Spank spank
  • Psycho Tribes Pure ideas
  • Polygon Window UT1-dot
  • Reese & Santonio Grab the beat

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