Friday, March 28, 2008

Five Things For Friday

Five Things For Friday
Five things to spend your money on this week :

1. Can - Future Days - Carl Craig Mix : White Label 12"
Carl Craig takes on the mighty Krautrockers Can with this spaced out tech remix of Future Days. Dropped last week at a few specialist record stores

2. Esoteric Disco mixed by Zeus (Quiet Village)
Limited edition mix CD from DJ Zeus AKA Joel Martin of Quiet Village originally released back in 2002 and now available again exclusively at sounds of the universe.

3. Hooligan Disco Limited Edition Scarf
Not being a big football fan, I really should not like the style of this scarf, but something about it just stands out. Originally produced for Hooligan Disco labels fifth anniversary party, now Arcade Mode have a very limited few in stock (act quick)

4. Frank Kozik : Kid Robot Chumps
Out this week and now available in our store, the latest collab from Frank Kozik and Kid Robot with The Chumps. 21 figure designs (the good side of the law or the other side of the law). Available on site at Future Plastik

5. Hollertronix Shirt
Diplo's Hollertronix label
official crew shirt from Hollertronix #8, flipping the logo of a metal band which shall remain nameless. Available now on the US site Turntable Lab

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