Thursday, March 6, 2008

V/Vm new releases

We are big fans of the V/Vm Test label around these parts, how could you not love a label where one of its earliest releases, back in 1998, was a project where V/Vm broke, scratched, split, taped and hammered 12" vinyls before packing them in bubble wrap sleeves in zip-lock bags with an A4 sheet with instructions to shoplift the vinyl from the shop it was placed in. Also without V/Vm, its very possible I would of not heard of one of my fave artists Goodiepal, as I first discovered his output on the DemonBag picture disc 7" series V/Vm released.

So its always a pleasure to hear of new releases and next month they treat us to not one, but two new releases.

First up, released on April 3rd, but available to pre order now, is a new 12" entitled "There was a percolator" V/Vm return once again to the town of Twin Peaks, culling audio and spoken word from this Northern American town. Following on from "
the owls are not what they seem" a 7"single released on English Muffin in 2001. Limited to just 175 copies, V/Vm raise the bar with the standard of packaging on this, each comes in an individually numbered red, brown or green silk screen printed sleeve by Berlin artist Motorboy.

Each copy also includes a detailed reproduction of the map found in Owl Cave. All the clues are there showing you how to enter the black lodge. Each map is numbered and signed. The centre label of the vinyl has been hand numbered on the A-Side and features the symbolic sycamore trees (hand drawn) around the centre label, whilst the B-side is signed and features David Lynch's own equation for Killer Bob

As well as the vinyl record you also get access to MP3's of the 12" plus the 2001 "Owls are not what they seem" 7". More info, images, sound samples and to buy your copy can all be found on V/Vm.

The second release on V/Vm Test for April is by The Stranger entitled "Bleaklow" again this is available to pre order right now. Available in two versions, a regular version and the deluxe expanded version. Both versions have a great attention to detail and are hand produced, with each coming in a silk screen printed sleeve by artist Motorboy with the regular in a dark grey / blue card sleeve and the expanded version in black on black printed sleeve. The expanded version is limited to just 100 copies and as well as the standard Bleaklow tracks also includes MP3 downloads of an additional 14 tracks.

As mentioned above both releases are available right now to buy and they will be shipped around the first week in April

More info on all the V/Vm test records releases and projects can be found on their site :

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