Saturday, August 16, 2008

Kingbastard - Bastardize

Kingbastard : Bastardize : Herb Recordings
Ooo now this is good, something brand new from Herb Recordings by Kingbastard.
Bastardize offers up 12 tracks, firmly rooted in IDM / Electronica but it ranges right across the board. You have 8-bit electronics on the tracks Mind That Child, Tripod and Gotmilk Duckstomping, dark and rugged ambience on Goodbye Mr Bendigo, Lo-Fi (with distorted vocals) on Bipolar and some more upbeat IDM on Box Clever and There's a Little Machine In Everyone.
Well worth checking out. Bastardize is out on 22nd September via Digital Download and CD

Track listing
1. Tripod
2. Box Clever
3. Setoperator
4. Parenthesis
5. Mind That Child
6. Data-Rape Function Creep
7. Bipolar
8. Goodbye Mr Bendigo
9. There's A Little Machine In Everyone
10. Follow The Dot
11. Gotmilk Duckstomping
12. EG2 IM

Download MP3 : There's A Little Machine In Everyone

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