Friday, October 3, 2008

Ed Drury & Craig Murphy - A Tree On The Tundra

Ed Drury & Craig Murphy - A Tree On The Tundra
Format - Digital Download
Release Date - 10th November 2008

Ed Drury is a composer and multi-instrumentalist who writes music for film and television. He plays in the region of 60 instruments including members of the woodwind, brass, strings and percussion sections and in his spare time he performs, teaches and writes about the Australian Didgeridoo. Ed has featured on countless albums over the years by literally hundreds of artists from around the globe.

Craig Murphy is a musician, composer and producer of experimental music and a multimedia artist working with abstract music videos. Having established the rising Herb Recordings imprint in his native Scotland, Murphy's own output resembles that of a musical odyssey. An obsession with Frank Zappa has seen to a fascination with experimentation and Murphy's many projects span several genres. From the mechanistic, yet poignant electronica of Solipsism, his electro-psychedelic band shoosh with Neil Carlill and multi-instrumentalist Ed Drury, to his recent ambient outlet Murphy's distinctive sound is often abstract, yet retains a rich, melodic and emotional edge.

1. A Tree On The Tundra : DOWNLOAD
2. Autumn River Revisited
3. Over Rolling Hills
4. Dark Sun Rising
5. Shadows On The Horizon

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