Wednesday, February 25, 2009

10-20 : Highpoint Lowlife 034

Artist: 10-20

Title: 10-20

Format: longplayer

Label/Cat: Highpoint Lowlife / hpll034

10-20's self titled album is a claustrophobic hulk of a release, constructed from parts of discarded machinery, short-circuiting currents of krautrock, broken hip hop structures, dense aquatic substreams and spectral elements, all of which are funnelled towards a single cohesive hypnotic pulse.
Based in devon, the coastal and elemental forces of the producer's
hometown are evident in the scope of intricate sounds layered and woven into rough shorn textures, where only a filtered ghostly impression of club-land's influence can be discerned within the resultant sound.
Displaying a versatility in composition the album follows an arc from
opening track 'miluvs''s vaccum sealed melody, the vertiginous ascent of 'nei'; the viscous sluggishness of 'jjuvxszla', confused machine-funk of 'wdtrhjvelgrad', and the amniotic warmth of 'InB'; culiminating in the post-gravitational trajectory of 'arcadeagle' and dub-soaked pressure of 'sA' before the elegiac closing descent of 'unde'.

Track listing :
1. Milvus
2. Nei
3. JJuvxszla : Download Track
4. Wdtrhjvelgrad
5. InB
6. Arcadeagle
7. sA
8. Unde

10-20 is r
eleased on Highpoint Lowlife on March 15th, keep an ear out for it!!

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