Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Production Unit : Half Of A Hole : Highpoint Lowlife 033

Something new on Highpoint Lowlife by Production Unit, resident DJs at Glasgow's monthly wonky/dubstep/techno night, Numbers, (where Rustie, Jackmaster and that whole crew also stem from), and alongside The Village Orchestra, he's also one of the members of long running art terrorist music makers, The Marcia Blaine School For Girls.

Two distinct tracks woven together through a maximal use of low-end and dancehall derived rhythms and space:
The more technoid attack of 'A Little Hope' comes on with a thundering beat and a snaking synthline, before the wall of bass surges forward and shredded vocal textures create a hypnotic hook, all building toward an epic finale, before finally collapsing into a shimmering pool of syrupy ambience.

'Dem Sirens' on the other hand is a languid and woozy half time steppa, with a slow kick drum pounding out an incessant and skewed, almost hip hop beat, punctuated with finger clicks and tightly locked transparent layers of synth and melody, like a skunk hazed boogie down productions instrumental.

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